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Sussex Heights Webcam Image

Sussex Heights Webcam Image

Sussex Heights is a luxury apartment block in the centre of Brighton, part of the English city of Brighton and Hove. Designed by Richard Seifert and built between 1966 and 1968, it rises to 102 meters — making it the tallest residential building on the south coast of England. Richard Seifert's design is acknowledged as an "imposing and prestigious" luxury apartment block with good facilities.

Sussex Heights is within walking distance of the Lanes, the North Laine area, the main shopping area and the seafront. The local area provides cultural interest, including the Brighton Museum, the Dome Theatre, the Theatre Royal, Brighton Pier etc. Western Road and Preston Street are nearby and offer a wide range of bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs. Bus stops and Brighton station are within walking distance.

The flats are soundproof and spacious. The living rooms are approximately 300 square feet. In the 2-bedroom flats both bedrooms are larger than average. In the single bedroom flats the bedroom is so large that a number of residents have partitioned it into two bedrooms.

Most flats have uninterrupted sea views, and many also have views over the South Downs and the city of Brighton and Hove. Each flat has its own spacious balcony, some of these are fully glazed while some are open. Many flats are beautifully finished and built to the very highest standards.

Situated close to the West Pier, immediately behind the Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel, it is a 24 storey landmark block of luxury apartments, which consists of 115 flats on 23 floors and a large penthouse taking up the whole of the top floor. The other 23 floors have five flats each, three face east and two face west, four have two bedrooms and the fifth is a single-bedroom flat.

Peregrines Falcons

A Peregrine Falcon nestbox was installed on the roof of Sussex Heights in March 1998. This nestbox has been tremendously successful with Peregrines raising young every year since 1998. Live webcam viewing from inside the nestbox has been operated for many years. This has proved extremely popular amongst a wide audience including Brighton residents and others from all over the world.



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