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Situated immediately behind the Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel, Sussex Heights is a 24 storey landmark block of luxury apartments, which consists of 115 flats on 23 floors and a large penthouse taking up the whole of the top floor. It was designed by Richard Seifert and constructed between 1966 and 1968.


There is a resident Caretaker in Sussex Heights. He can be contacted by phone, email or at the reception in the lobby. The reception desk is open Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm and Saturday mornings from 8am until 12pm.

The Caretaker holds details of mail and parcel delivery, cleaning, refuse collection and many more services.

Managing Agent

Our Managing Agent is Ellmans Property Management. They can be contacted by phone during office openning hours, by email or via our website contact form. A representative from Ellmans visits Sussex Heights weekly to meet with the residents and liaise with our resident Caretaker.

The Managing Agent is employed for the day to day running of the building. They have the responsibility to ensure that the common parts of the building are clean and well maintained. Internal repairs of flats are the responsibility of the particular leaseholder.

The Managing Company (SHBL)

Sussex Heights Brighton Limited (SHBL) is the Lessee-owned management Company that was formed in 1992 to buy the Headlease from the Freeholder. Lessees are entitled to one share per flat. Shares must be relinquished in favour of the new owner when a flat is sold.

The Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association can be found on the website www.sussexheights.co.uk along with many other documents.

The Board

The Board of Directors is elected each year by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

The Chairman and Directors are resident leaseholders and meet regularly to review the management of the building.

The Board can be contacted via website www.sussexheights.co.uk or you can leave a message at the reception.

Board members present and past can be found on the Companies House website.

Security Guard

A security guard is on duty at the reception on Friday and Saturday evenings. During their shifts they regularly patrols the building and reports any problems to the Police. There is a full system of security video cameras operating on all entrances to the building (CCTV).


Sussex Heights, St. Margaret’s Place,
Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
BN1 2FQ (floors 1–12)
BN1 2FR (floors 14-24)

Contacts & Useful Numbers

Reception Desk: 01273 205179
Caretaker's Mobile: 07518 513692‬
Caretaker's Email: caretaker@sussexheights.co.uk
Managing Agents - Ellmans Property Management:
01273 737241, eh@ellmans.co.uk
Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue Service: 999
Non-urgent medical help: 111
Gas Emergency Service: 0800 111999
Noise Patrol: 01273 293541

Services for Residents

Mail and Parcel Delivery

Postal and mail delivery service direct to flat every morning from Monday to Saturday. Reception can hold parcels and letters for you, if you are not at home. You can collect your deliveries during normal opening hours.

Door Entry System

Each flat has a door entry phone. To speak to someone buzzing your flat, pick up the handset and press the button on the side of the handset. If you want to let the caller into the building, press and hold the Door Open Button (the left hand button on the phone mount), this will unlock the main entrance door. Hang up when you hear the door click open.
Please do not let anyone into the building you do not know personally.

Entrance Key Fobs

The key fob opens the front door, the trade door and the doors on basement levels B1 and B2. Just swipe your key fob over the proximity reader and the lock will be immediately released, you will hear a beep and a green indicator will be on.

The key fob can be deactivated if it’s lost. Replacement entrance key fobs can be purchased from the reception.

Please always check the door is properly closed behind you. Do not let anyone into the building, always ask to see their key fob.


There are two passenger lifts and one goods lift. Only up to six people at a time should travel in the passenger lifts.

The goods lift must be used for deliveries, rubbish, furniture, heavy goods, contractors and bicycles. Please use the side entrance door.

If the lift is overloaded a buzzer will sound. In the event one of the lifts failing while you are in it please use the intercom button which will connect automatically to the lift maintenance company.

Moving in or out

Moving in and out of the building is permitted during the reception opening times only. Large pieces of furniture can be moved in the goods lift only. The side entrance door should be used to access the goods lift. Please let the Caretakare know in advance if you are moving in or out so as to ensure the goods lift is available.

Removals and Works

Removals and works must be arranged in advance with the Caretaker and can be carried out within the reception opening hours only. The side entrance door should be used to transport all large items into the goods lift. If you are planning to carry out noisy works, you should notify your neighbours in advance.

Car Parking

There are no free car parking spaces provided for the residents. Annual Parking Permits and visitor day tickets for Zone Z may be purchased from the Parking Information Office in Hove Town Hall.

Cars can be parked in the Hilton Metropole underground car park immediately beneath the building with direct access to and from the lifts at basement levels B1 and B2. A season ticket is available at a special price from Hilton Metropole reception. More info...

Bicycle Storage

There is a secure bicycle storage space in the basement area. Please contact the reception for more information. There are bicycle racks outside our main entrance. Bicycles can also be stored in your flat via the trades lift, please do not use the passenger lifts.

Refuse Collection and Recycling

Please wrap up your household rubbish in plastic bags and place them in the cupboard outside your flat. Do not put any type of sharp objects, broken glass, mirrors or knives in any rubbish bags.

The rubbish bags are collected by the Caretaker early each morning except Sunday.

There is a recycling point in the ground floor loading bay. Please put all glass into the designated glass bin. Food tins, drinks cans, mixed paper, newspapers, flatten cardboard and plastic bottles can all be put together into one of the bins for general, non-glass, recycling. Do not dispose of shredded paper in the recycling bins.

Large cardboard must be either broken up into small pieces and placed in bin bags with normal household rubbish or taken to the local recycle centre. You can also place household items directly in the open bins provided in the loading bay. Do not leave rubbish in the hallways, communal areas or goods lift.

Communal TV and Broadband

All flats are connected to our communal TV System which provides FreeView, FreeSat and Sky TV channels.

Hi-speed fibre optic broadband is provided by Hyperoptic.

Regulations to be observed by Residents

Noise Nuisance

When people live in close proximity it is necessary to set out rules to allow all residents to live together without undue disturbance. It is not permitted to play musical instruments or loud music under our lease which disturbs or causes a nuisance to other residents. No music or noise is permitted between 11pm and 7am. This includes household appliances such as a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine. No loud parties are permitted at any time. Children are not allowed to play in the corridors or the common parts of the building. If you intend to have a party, please notify the Caretaker well in advance. The party must end by 11pm except in special circumstances if agreed by the Caretaker.

If you experience problems with noise or antisocial behaviour, please contact the Caretaker in the first instance, who will raise this issue with the Managing Agent. Please do not disturb the Caretaker out of working hours unless it is absolutely essential. In case of noise nuisance, follow the advice of the Noise Patrol.

Noise patrol can be contacted for noise complaints over the weekend 10pm Friday night - 3am Saturday morning and from 10pm Saturday night - 3am Sunday morning. Telephone 01273 293541. By registering a call with the service, two officers would aim to visit your property first to witness the level of disturbance to gauge an appropriate response accordingly.

DIY Works

From time to time DIY improvement works are carried out at home by everyone and noisy equipment or activities are unavoidable. Take time to notify your neighbours of your intentions and consider suitable times to carry out noisy work. Take into account sleeping children and elderly neighbours. DIY works times are confined within reception opening times.

Avoiding Condensation

The building is constructed using concrete walls with no insulating cavity wall. As a result it is not uncommon for flats to suffer from condensation around the window areas where the walls are subject to direct contact with the elements. This is sometimes referred to as ‘cold bridging’. The symptoms of condensation include water forming on cold surfaces such as windows and walls which can form black mould.

You can avoid condensation by leaving windows open slightly or having trickle vents in your double glazing to allow ventilation. Heating and insulating the walls will also help avoid condensation forming.

Other Regulations

The list below is not exhaustive and refers to the key points in the Lease. Please refer to your copy of the Lease for a full list of the regulations.

  • You cannot keep any dog, animal or birds in the flat
  • All floors except the kitchen, bathroom and toilet must be covered with carpet and good quality noise-absorbing underlay
  • Smoking in the hallways and common parts of the building is strictly prohibited
  • Throwing cigarette butts, food, rubbish or anything else out of the windows or off balconies is strictly prohibited
  • Shaking of dusters, mops etc. out of the windows or off balconies is prohibited
  • No Calor Gas or paraffin heaters or cookers are allowed
  • The front door to your flat should not be left open to prevent cooking smells from permeating the corridor and adjacent flats
  • No music or noise is permitted between 11pm and 7am
  • Do not allow young children to play on an open balcony without supervision
  • Laundry should not be hung to dry in windows or on your balcony
  • Satellite dishes may not be installed outside your flat
  • You must keep the windows of your flat furnished with blinds or curtains of a suitable type
  • If you have an open balcony you must unblock and clear the drainage regularly

You can find more info on our official website www.sussexheights.co.uk.


It is recommended that the reception holds a spare set of keys for your flat in the event of an emergency such as a leak, especially if the flat is unoccupied for any length of time. All keys are securely stored. If you are going away for a few days please turn off your water supply and notify the reception.

Water Leaks

Extreme caution must be adhered to, in order to prevent any escape of water, i.e. from the dishwasher, washing machine, sinks, shower or bath. All of these must be turned off when you are out of the apartment and should not be left to run.

In the event of a leak or burst pipe, the stopcock should be turned off immediately. The individual stopcocks for each apartment are located in the boiler cupboard inside your flat. Do not store rubbish or other items in your boiler cupboard as this could create a fire. It is vital that the boiler cupboards are left empty so in the event of a leak this can be visible immediately.

In the event of any leak you must notify the Caretaker immediately. You must switch your water off until a plumber has attended to fix the problem. You should turn on and off stopcocks in your flat every month to keep them in working condition.

If a leak occurs in the flat above you, please contact the occupant in the first instance, then notify the Caretaker.

If your windows allow water ingress, please contact one of the local windows repair companies. If the leak occurs on the wall or ceiling close to the window, please contact the Managing Agent.

Gas Leaks

If you smell gas inside or outside your flat.

  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • Open doors and windows to allow the gas to escape
  • Put out naked flames
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t turn electric switches on or off
  • Don’t use telephones or doorbells
  • Alert the Caretaker and inform the Gas Emergency Service

It is absolutely essential gas appliances are serviced at least once a year. Gas Safety Certificate must be obtained annually for all gas appliances within the flat.

Fire Safety

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hallways and common parts of the building. Don’t keep any flammable materials in rubbish cupboards or common areas.

Fire escapes are at the North and South sides of the building. Common passages are protected by fire doors which must always be kept shut. No items of any kind to be left in corridors, stairways or communal areas.

Leaving fire doors open is strictly prohibited. Fire doors are important because they fill the breach in a wall designed to contain a fire whilst allowing people to move easily through it. If the door is removed, wedged open or fails to close securely, a fire can spread through the opening and put lives at risk.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

In the event of fire within your flat you must vacate the flat immediately, shut the door and exit the building by the nearest exit and then call the fire service on 999. Do not waste time collecting personal possessions or valuables and do not return to the property.

In the event of fire in the hallways, do not attempt to use the lift. You must remain within the flat, shut the flat door and all doors within the flat. Open one window and be as near as possible to it in order to ensure you can get fresh air to breath in and wait to follow any instructions given by the fire service. Do not try to leave your flat until advised by the fire service that it is safe to do.

Regulations to be observed by Leaseholders

Building Insurance

In broad terms the building insurance policy covers the building, fixed units such as baths, kitchens and fitted cupboards. It does not cover carpets, curtains or your own contents. All residents are responsible for the insurance of their possessions in their flat.

In case of internal damage in your flat (e.g. water damage to ceiling) please contact the Managing Agent. There is a policy excess - the first part of any claim for you to pay. You will be required to pay this yourself as part of the claim.

The policy excess is £2,500 for escape of water (includes water ingress, eg. from the facade condition, burst pipe damage resulting in damage to neighbouring flats); for property damage (malicious damage, eg. bathroom sink, front door damaged by break-in), and fire claims the excess is £350.

Subletting and Tenancies

The letting of individual rooms or short-term holiday letting (less than 6 months) is not permitted under the Lease. Properties should only be let via a responsible, professional letting agency and landlords must enter into a short term tenancy agreement in the format supplied by SHBL with a copy deposited with the Company’s solicitor.

If you are a landlord, you should supply your tenant with a copy of the handbook and the Lease that contains the regulations. All Tenancy Agreements must be recorded with the Managing Agent. Such information is needed for fire safety and security purposes.

Replacing your windows or enclosing your balcony

Many people in the building have replaced the original windows to improve the thermal insulation of their flats. If you are thinking of replacing your windows or enclosing your balcony you must contact the Managing Agent for permission. Any major alterations to your property, including removing walls or adding bathroom facilities, must be approved by the Managing Agent before you commence the works.

Major Alterations

As stated above, no alterations to the original features of the building should be made without the permission of the Managing Agent. If you are not sure what constitutes a ‘Major Alteration’ please contact the Managing Agent for advice.


Under our lease all floors except the kitchen, bathroom and toilet must be covered with carpet and good quality noise-absorbing underlay. This is to prevent noise disturbance to your neighbours. Although the flats were originally fitted with parquet flooring in the main rooms the original flooring is not soundproof. Footsteps, music, conversations and your television will clearly be heard if the original floor is exposed.

New wooden floors can be used but only if approved soundproofing is laid. If you are thinking of changing the flooring, please contact the Managing Agent for further information before you order materials or start the work.

Service Charges

The service charges are collected by the Managing Agent and are demanded in two stages, in September and March of each year.

Lease Extensions

The original leases were bought around 1966 when the apartments were first let. Since then many lessees have extended their lease for a further 90 years to make their flats more saleable and mortgageable. For people who have been the registered owners of their flats for at least two years, it is still possible to extend the remaining leases and our Managing Agent are happy to help with this process.

Website www.sussexheights.co.uk

You can access recent news, documents, contacts and other useful info via the Company’s official website www.sussexheights.co.uk. There is a Leaseholders Area on the website with recent newsletters, reports and other company documents.


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