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Temporary Water Shut Down

23 Jul 2017

Dear residents,

The water main that serves 8th to 24th floors of our building must be shut off to allow for the booster pumps system maintenance. Water main will be closed on Wednesday the 25 January 2017 between approximately 9:30AM and 10:30AM. Please draw enough water to supply your needs during this period.

Please ensure all taps are closed until works are complete. Contact the lodge for verification.

Residents of flats, which may have flush valves, are encouraged to close a valve at their water meter during the water shut down. This should help prevent a loss of water pressure in the building, and hopefully prevent the flush valves from continuously running when the water is turned back on.

Occasionally, some problems occur after the water supply is reinstated. If water shows discolouration, run the water until it clears. If water is available from most taps, but won’t flow from a particular one, remove the screen from that tap and run water. Clean the tap screen and reinstall it.

If you have any concerns regarding the water service interruption, please contact the Managing Agent.


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