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Peregrine Chicks Ringing - May 2013

22 May 2013

The ringing went very well today. Great to have 4 chicks & to report that all 4 appeared very healthy. We believe we have 3 males & a female. Details:
Green 59: Male. Weight 640g
Green 60: Male. Weight 565g
Green 61: Female. Weight 840g
Green 62: Male. Weight 590g

Here are a few weights of Peregrine chicks at Sussex Heights in previous years for comparison:
2010: 2 males 610g & 665g
2011: 2 males 530g & 640g, 2 females 795g & 820g
2012: 3 males 580g, 620g & 655g
Of course, they grow very rapidly so every day makes quite a difference.

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