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Peregrine Chicks Ringing

21 May 2012

Peregrine Chicks 2012The three Peregrine chicks were ringed today under Licence by Graham Roberts. All three chicks were fit and healthy. Weighing 580g, 620g and 655g, it seems likely that we have a brood of all males this year. All had tail and wing feathers just sprouting though with most of the body still covered in fluffy, white down. The feathers will develop rapidly from now.

As previously, each was fitted with a numbered colour-ring. It is hoped that this will enable us to follow the movements of these individual birds in the future - any sightings much appreciated. Sadly, Green 42 (one of the female chicks ringed in 2011) was hit by a car near Goodwood about two weeks ago and sadly died. Watch the nestbox on our Peregrine Falcons page.

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