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Management of Sussex Heights

The Managing Company (SHBL)

Sussex Heights Facade Sussex Heights Brighton Limited (SHBL) is the Lessee-owned management Company that was formed in 1992 to buy the Headlease from the Freeholder. It was felt that if the Lessees had the right to manage the block themselves, they would achieve a far higher standard at lower cost and this has indeed proved to be the case. All Lessees are entitled to one share per flat. Shares must be relinquished in favour of the new owner when a flat is sold.

Since its incorporation the Company has employed a managing agent of their own choice and carefully oversees the work carried out by them. The Company also employs a caretaker, a concierge and a cleaner.

The Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association can be found on the website in the Leaseholders Only section along with many other documents. The entry code can be sent to you on request.

The Board

The Board is elected each year by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting which is normally convened in November of each year.

The Chairman and Directors are resident lessees and meet regularly to review the management of the building. Directors are unpaid for the work they do, but they see it as beneficial both for themselves and their neighbours. Most directors have experience and expertise in some aspect of business, finance, architecture, project management, IT, procurement etc.

The mission of the Board is to ensure that Sussex Heights is managed to a high standard. In order to achieve this the Board:
  • Appoints the Managing Agents
  • Liaises with the Managing Agents
  • Reports maintenance issues to the Managing Agents
  • Ensures that the building is regularly inspected
  • Initiates small improvements to the building and environment
  • Consults with all leaseholders regarding major works
  • Ensures that all Health & Safety issues are attended to
  • Ensures that the financial management of the building is effective
  • Ensures that residents comply with their lease conditions
The Board can be contacted via website or you can leave a message at reception.

Managing Agents

The Managing Agents are employed for the day to day running of the building on behalf of the Company. They have the responsibility to ensure that the common parts of the building are clean and well maintained. Maintenance needs are reported to the Managing Agents who commission tradespeople to carry out the required work. Areas include the exterior of the building, the foyers, lifts, stairs, landings, water supply, lighting in common areas, security etc. Should residents come across anything that requires attention, please contact the Managing Agents or the Board.

A representative from the Managing Agents visits Sussex Heights regularly every Wednesday morning to meet the residents and liaise with our resident Building Manager.

Internal repairs of flats are the responsibility of the particular leaseholder or their tenants.

Caretaker and Concierge

There is a resident Caretaker and a Concierge. They can be contacted by phone on 01273 205179 or at reception in the lobby.
The reception desk is open Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm and Saturday mornings from 8am until 12pm.
The Caretaker holds details of mail/parcel delivery, cleaning, ironing and many more services.

Security Guard

A security guard is on duty at the reception on Friday and Saturday evenings from 10pm until 6am. During his shifts he regularly patrols the building and reports problems to the Police. The telephone number for the Security Guard is 01273 205179.

There is a full system of security video cameras operating on all entrances to the building (CCTV).

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