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Email Policy

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The email address to contact Board members of Sussex Heights (Brighton) Ltd is This is also the main email address for leaseholders of Sussex Heights to contact the Directors. Directors' personal email addresses should be used for internal email between Board members only. The majority of emails related to the building are received by our managing agents, or other organisations working for us.

We are a small organisation with an unpaid, voluntary Board of Directors who give their time freely for the good of the block and Company. The Directors meet about once a month.

We aim to reply to emails within 7 days but sometimes responses will take longer.

When Board members, or those employed by Sussex Heights, correspond by email on behalf of The Company we expect them to not send email messages that might be considered bythe recipients to be bullying, harassing, abusive, malicious, discriminatory, defamatory, and libellous or contain illegal or offensive material, or foul language.

The Board of Directors also reserves the right not to acknowledge or respond to emails from leaseholders, suppliers, or others if these might reasonably be considered to be bullying,harassing, abusive, malicious, discriminatory, defamatory and libellous or contain illegal or offensive material, or foul language.

We further reserve the right to set up our mail system in a way that blocks emails from people who abuse the company's email address on a regular basis. Such abusive emails would go direct into a spam box and would not be read.

The reason for this policy being put in place is because the Board of Directors, ManagingAgents and Company Secretary received over 200 harassing or abusive emails last year; thisunacceptable activity distracts from their roles and is extremely unfair to the Directors, who work very hard for all concerned with Sussex Heights.

Those working for SHBL need to be aware of Data Protection when they write and send emails. This could include but is not limited to:

  • Passing on personal information about an individual or third party without their consent.
  • All “en bloc” emails to leaseholders must be sent using BCC therefore not providing details of personal email addresses of individual leaseholders to third parties.
  • Keeping personal information longer than necessary.

Those working for SHBL need to be aware of the Defamation Act 1996 under which it is an offence to publish untrue statements that adversely affect the reputation of a person or group of persons.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to defend the reputation of Sussex Heights, the reputation of the Board and individual members and the reputation of all others working on behalf of SHBL against the publication of untrue statements.

The foregoing statement is in response to extreme cyber-bullying via email and the internet experienced by Sussex Heights (Brighton) Ltd. over the last year.

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